Saturday, May 30, 2009

Everything leads to birth

At least it does if you are talking to me. Seriously, I have a really big problem. I am way too focused on birth. I can turn any conversation into a conversation about birth in 30 seconds or less.

I even held two missionaries captive with a way too in depth explanation about why they should convince their future wives to have natural childbirth, that probably started out by me saying something like, I am sooo tired, I was up all night with a woman in labor. I'm serious! They just sat there with these blank "I don't know if I should run away right now, or try to change the subject" look on their faces. I must've talked 5 minutes at least before I was awakened from my birth lecture by my husband and oldest son laughing at me. I replied with a "What?!?" and then finished with "anyways, you really should tell your wives that natural childbirth is awesome!"

When I told one of my sister in laws recently that I was going to be speaking to a group of women at church, she asked "what are you going to speak about? are you going to be trying to convince more people that natural childbirth is the ONLY WAY {emphasis added}?" and followed that with the idea that she was only teasing. The sad thing is she was not only teasing, it is sooo true, and I replied with "well, funny that you brought up that subject....I was hoping to have a reason to talk to you about natural childbirth....." Only 1/2 kidding.

So, here's where you come in, friends and family, share with me some of the funny ways I have segued into a birth speech while you have been around, or make a comment and see how I can change it into something about birth. Go ahead, try me.

I'm Liz, and I am obsessed with birth, I admit it. That's the first step isn't it? :)


  1. I remember a time we were talking about a Thanksgiving turkey.... Ha! Ok, seriously, I think every time I have mentioned a hot tub it has gotten back to birthing. :) And, that is ok! I am a poster child for what medical science can do to mess up a birth. You listened for years and never told me that my 72 c-sections might have been avoidable. You are so sweet. You know you are my hero, right?

  2. I really wanted a natural birth with Laurence (the third son). I hadn't heard of it before then, and a water birth sounded wonderful. Unfortunately, where we lived in Wisconsin, there were no trained midwives. There were two lay midwives with very little medical background that traveled around the area for natural births. My chiropractor had all three of her children that way. But I wasn't comfortable without someone with some sort of medical training. Turns out, it was better for me to have him in the hospital. He was gigantic (just shy of 10 lbs) and had other problems at birth. I made all sorts of rules that my doctor was agreeable to, so the birth was as natural as I could make it in hospital. Laurence's chord was wrapped around his neck. Because I used no pain killers (I never did with any of the kids) my body could tell he couldn't breathe the moment I started pushing, thus forcing me to push constantly for 10 mins until he came out completely. He was blue. If I'd have pushed for the normal amount of time, he'd be dead.

    Okay so here I am going off into birth stories with you...sigh. In any case, I never got to experience natural birth. Ah well. I did the best I could though.

  3. Well, Liz, you and I seem to ALWAYS talk about birth but I guess it's more understandable with me :-).

    I have a question for Erin... You had HOW MANY c-sections?! 72? Typo or sarcasm?

  4. It's a great thing to be obsessed with! :-)

  5. I wish there was a way to respond directly to each individual comment. Maybe there is, and I am just to new at this. Oh well.

    Erin, I do think just about every conversation we have ever had somehow ends up being about birth, but you are such a willing participant, you make it easy for me. ;) Thanks for the hero comment, you are too kind!

    Amanda, you know how much I love talking birth, sharing your birth story is perfect! I think it says a lot about you that you got everything worked out so that you could have as natural an experience as possible. I have also seen women intuitively (when undrugged) know when their baby was in trouble, particularly while pushing. Being that connected with your baby and body is something that so many women today miss out on, and don't even realize what a tradgedy it is to miss it.
    I truly believe that going through the natural birth experience, helps women transition into motherhood with strengh, confidence, and a learned/inherent ability to better listen to their inner voice (and the spirit) as well as be in tune with their child at a level they may not have achieved otherwise. I do not mean that women who do not have natural childbirth do not accomplish those things, I just think that it gives them a jump start.
    Beth, I LOVE that I always have you talk to about birth!
    Jennifer, I'm glad I am not the only one that thinks birth is a great thing to be obsessed with. :)
    I really am obsessed with all birth, not just natural birth, although that is especially what I hope to help more women understand and seek out.

  6. Hey Liz - the way I've seen people respond to each comment is just like you did. Separate sections for each person with their username first, either '@username' or just 'username - ' or something else that sets it apart. Once you get used to blogger, you'll see that all over the place. :)

  7. Thanks Amanda! There should be some blogger etiquette handbook. I bet there is somewhere. In the mean time I'll just keep figuring things out with your help, and everyone else. :)

  8. Btw Liz, if you change your comments to either be a separate page or a popup window instead of embedded like they are now, those who comment can click a box to receive the followup comments by email. There isnt' an option, that I've found, that allows that on these embedded comment forms.

  9. Thanks Amanda! I'll try to make that change. I appreciate the input as I know very little about blogging.

  10. Yay! I see pop-ups! Back when I first signed up with Blogger, they didn't have the embedded comment form, just the two other options. I can't decide if I like the type I have or the pop-up better now.

  11. You rock! I love knowing your voice is out there helping women with this choice.