Monday, July 20, 2009

Ink Notes #1

A friend of mine has started a writing exercise, called ink notes through her blog where she presents music and anyone who wants to participate, writes whatever comes to mind as they listen to the music. It can be poetry, prose, and anything the music inspires you to write. I'm a little late posting my first one, but here it is:

The Man Behind Me

across the room she glances my way
pushing every bit of air out of my chest
as her eyes briefly meet with mine
then just as quickly look away

cascading red brown waves of hair
beckon to me to come closer
her moonlit skin glistens
glowing for want of lips to touch

I breathe once more with one deep sigh
and she turns my way again
one corner of her mouth twists slightly up
as my face flushes a crimson it has rarely been

the boisterous laughter, talking, and music
muffled to a mere hum as thoughts of her
push aside any other sounds in the air
everyone else in the room disappears

it is she and I alone, gazing in pure love
I stand and inch my way towards her
each step is an eternity as I push forward
longing for her embrace, melting in her smile

she is within my reach, just one touch away
I pause and breathe in her sweet scent
as I smile and place my hand forward,
she sidesteps and passionately embraces
the man behind me

My first attempt to write with a prompt in awhile, and a little rough, but it was a lot of fun. Anyone who would like a little inspiration to help them write, feel free to join in on her blog. I hope to see you there!


  1. I don't mind at all that you're late! Thanks for participating. I'm so bad at poetry (both writing and interpreting) so I'm going to have to mull this one over before i come to any conclusions.

  2. It's interesting - I think you're the only one who wrote something from a man's (I assume?) point of view. Did you hear the song as talking about the man, or the woman he was looking at, or neither?

  3. Thanks Amanda.

    Jason, I actually pictured the woman first, and then the story of a man looking at her, and decided to write it from his perspective.

  4. Wow! I'm so happy I got to read this

  5. Thanks Carrie! It was fun writing it, hopefully I'll improve the more I write. I'm a little rusty.

  6. OMW Liz! You are wonderful! Keep it up. I know your time is short and very in demand, but don't loose this gift.